The CD's/DVD's of free/Open Source Software (FOSS) are given from PLUG for promotion of FOSS. PLUG does not sell these software or is an official distributor/representative of any of the software mentioned below. The CD's are made available on Request by individuals for which a amount of Rs.25/- per CD or Rs.75/- per DVD is charged for the cost of media/material/labor used.

PLUG would request individuals/organizations to Buy the free software from the official distributors as far as possible.

How to get the CD(s)/DVD(s) If I am in Pune?
You can contact PLUG members listed at the Contact Us page, and request them for the same. Or send a mail to shipit at plug dot org dot in

How to get the CD(s)/DVD(s) If am outside Pune?
Note: Applicable within INDIA only.

  1. You can request for the CD(s)/DVD(s), by sending a Demand Draft (Only if amount is above RS.500/-) or Money Order (Preffered) to the following address:
    • Do Not Go To The Address Given Below Directly.
      It is for correspondence only.
    • CD(s)/DVD(s) are not available on the spot.
    • CD(s)/DVD(s) are written/burned on request only.

    Pune Linux Users Group
    C/O Gaurav Pant
    "Natraj" (near D.P), S.No. - 38. Kale Borate Nagar,
    Hadapsar, Pune - 411028.

  2. Please note the DD/MO should be in the name of "Pune Linux Users Group".
  3. Courier/Postage/Handling charges extra:
    • PLEASE NOTE: Courier charges have increased. we'll be putting up the charges for the same soon
    • upto 4 Disks Rs.75/-
    • 5 to 10 disks: Rs.125/-
    • 11 and above -- contact us first
  4. Please Note: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING CHEQUES or ANY KIND OF e-payment.
  5. Mention your address, phone number(s) and email id clearly which is to be used for delivery.
  6. PLUG is not liable to provide any kind of support to individual or company for the CD(s) or DVD(s) taken from PLUG.
  7. Before sending any CD(s)/DVD(s) request contact us at shipit at plug dot org dot in

Below is the list of different distributions of GNU/Linux and other FOSS CD's/DVD's That are currently available with PLUG. These are the generally most asked for Distributions. We try to keep the latest release of the same with us. If you need any specific release or distro you can make a request for the same.

Distribution and Version
No. Of CD(s)/DVD(s)
(in Indian Rupees)

Fedora 14

1 DVD(s)

Mandriva 2010

1 DVD(s)

Open Suse 11.2

1 DVD(s)

Ubuntu 10.10

1 CD



Slackware 12

1 DVD(s)