[PLUG] Confirmation: Fuel & Marathi L10n meeting on 6th June 6pm @ SICSR

Sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 03:08:00 PDT 2009


After FUEL ( http://fedorahosted.org/fuel) Marathi  meeting in
Gnunify09 and IndLinux meetings (
<http://www.indlinux.org/wiki/index.php/Development_track>   and
<http://www.indlinux.org/wiki/index.php/Localisation_track> ),  we had
decided to have another meeting to discuss Marathi L10N activities,
here the aim being apart from the current active members in Marathi
L10N,  find and get more persons from different walks, to participate
in Marathi L10N activities. While that being the broader goal, the
starting point activity will be standardizing on Marathi translations
in FUEL, after which more localization works could be done, depending
on resources and level of interest.

At Indlinux meet ( attendees: Karunakar, Sudhanwa, Rajesh Ranjan,
Shantanu Oak, Sandeep Shedmake and others ), we had decided to meet on
6th June, either before or after PLUG meet, to discuss further plan of

This is a confirmation of the meeting. Meeting will be held at 6 pm @
SICSR on 6th June. ( PLUG meeting will be at 4 pm.)

We will try to make this meeting as a kick start for Marathi L10N
activities.  FUEL is a good starting point.  If people are interested,
we can have about 20-30 minutes of FUEL session so that many more
people will also understand that activity and importance.

Being a generic start-up meeting, we can discuss the following points:

1. Current status of Marathi localisation: How, why, where, what etc.
2. FUEL activities. How to take it further.
3. Marathi word collection for adding in dictionaries.
Validation/verification of these words. (Shantanu Oak has a big
repository that needs to be reviewed/verified/corrected and included
in dictionaries)
4. Spell check and other related applications/tools
5. Generating new words for various technical English words.
5. Usage of unicode by various categories of users- especially the
DTP, book publications community.
6. Pushing Unicode from the Government to the users.
7. etc. etc. etc.  add here.... etc etc etc.

I think it is necessary that this activity should be taken to all
other non-FOSS users also  saying--  "this is not just a FOSS community
activity. This is for the Marathi L10N activities that is generic to
all the computing systems and not just FOSS."

Please do inform other like minded people and groups so that we have
enough people at the meeting to give a boost to Marathi l10n

Best regards,

--Karunakar, Sudhanwa

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