[PLUG] Red Hat Files its Bilski Brief: Asks Supreme Ct. to Exclude Software From Patentability

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Thu Oct 1 14:43:13 PDT 2009



"I love Red Hat. They stand alone alone so far among vendors, willing to
stand up and express what the FOSS community would really say if it
could speak with one voice to the Supreme Court. This is certainly what
*I* would say if I had that chance. And so I am satisfied. I was going
down the depressing list of briefs filed for Petitioner on the ABA's
list of filed amicus briefs, and it was so frustrating to see no one
saying anything like what I believe to be technically true about
software patents or addressing the specific needs of Free and Open
Source software. At last someone has told them what we wanted to say. I
just hope the Supreme Court has some techies in the clerk pool!"


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