[PLUG] FEDORA 14 crash in packages

Chaitany Kulkarni shreeseva.it at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 13:07:59 PST 2010


I am facing some problems while using fedora 14.
1. few days ago I installed fedora 14 fresh. Gnome was working fine for
first 2 days, then I can not view shutdown option. Then from last day, I can
not access internet, nor photon+ usb modem is shown in the network manager.
Also automatic bug reporting is saying gvfs and gvfs-gdu packages are
crashed. So that many services are not working properly. When I tried to run
these packages manually, I got some error stating that it can not access
session details (probably related with dbus session issue.) I also tired to
use KDE, but same errors are arising there. Please help regarding this.
Also I found many bugs and crash of various gnome packages from last 6
months, when I started to use linux as default OS for all regular work. How
to get minimum crash for gome. Mostly I upgrade the system when new release
is available.
2. Does latest ubuntu has above problems? or it is working smoothly?

Please give me the details.

Thanks and regards,


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