[PLUG] A specific IP address not reachable via certain ISP

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Thu Nov 18 06:41:08 PST 2010

I find this strange. Can someone help?

I use Tata Indicom connection. The internet appears generally accessible
but for a certain ip address :

I tried ping, which just hangs.

Traceroute shows 4 steps and then just stars.

I tried connection of another ISP and online ping tools: With these the
server appears up and accessible fine.

Could the problem be with my machine's setup ? I think not. Could it be
with routing info with some switch on the path? Anything else?

Technical description ends.


Now some story about the problem that does not matter from technical

This IP address is that of ISP's own server which participates in renewal
process. This strange accessibility problem results in renewal payment
being charged though not reflecting on ISP's side.

I followed up a lot with the ISP and finally used a backup ISP connection
that I have to do the renewal.

During the follow up I got these replies which all are indicative of them
not getting the problem at all - which is very common with this ISP.

Me : "A certain web server <ip addr> is not accessible from my connection,
because of which I am unable to renew online. Also I can access the same
server over other ISP connection. Traceroute tool's output when accessing
on your and other ISP's connection is attached to help your technical team
to resolve this."

Reply1 : "Inform the customer that amount will be debited in 6 working

Me: <Blast>

R2: "We have noted your complaint. This is the complaint no."


R3: "Your renewal pack is in anticipatory queue ..."


R4: "We have checked our records and your issue has been resolved"

Me: "Can you tell which "records" with you indicate to you that I can ping
your server?"

A call comes. I complain about nobody even reading the issue. They assure
to look into. Then I receive the following mail:

R5: "As per your telephonic conversation ... your issue is resolved"


R6: "Since you have not opted for static ip, you won't be able to ping"


R7: "As per our telephonic conversation ... resolved"


R8: "We have noted your complaint. The complaint no is ..."

I have decided to not give up and continue to follow up.

(Mods: Sorry about the length of the mail.)


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