[PLUG] Tata Indicom Photon+ configuration (Olive V-ME101)

Arindam Mukherjee arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 12:31:03 PST 2011

> <arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I guess if your kernel has usbfs support compiled (possibly there in
>> Ubuntu 10.x) then it should work. That way Parag might be able to get
>> it to work. With my case, there was no support (the earlier discussion
>> with Viral and Shyamgopal has the details).
>> Cheers.
> Hi Arindam, To make this clear, USB FS will allow you to mount usb
> device entry to /proc/bus/usb/ and get devices file and other file
> entry. It is not must to use modem. you can use commands, such as
> dmsg, lsusb and check whether devices are present or not. You can also
> use sysfs entry and echo "1" to eject entry of sr device intend of
> doing mount / umount.
> Good Luck, Viral

My bad. I guess Raseel's experience could be useful if we could figure
out the Vendor  +
Product specific MessageEndpoint and the MessageContent which is
written to this endpoint, for the Olive VME101. That entry should be
there in his /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf I guess.

Hope to hear from you Raseel.


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