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Subject: [Wikimedia-IN-PUN] Important : WikiPuneri Meetup No 14 - Date
changed to 04 Jun 2011 and a special invite to the community
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Hello friends,
There is a lot happening in Pune next week. We have a lot of visitors
in town who would especially like to interact with the Pune Community.
Our help and cooperation has been sought for the Campus Ambassador
training event next weekend. Our MEETUP DATE IS NOW CHANGED FROM 11
JUN TO 04 JUN 2011 (Saturday) at 1800 hours at SICSR, Atur Centre,
Model Colony. Room No 704. 7th floor.
Hisham Mundol, National Program Coordinator, who is leading the Campus
Ambassador programme, will be in Pune for a week for masterminding the
event. Bishakha Datta, Trustee, will be gracing the event on Saturday.
Tinu Cherian, the quintessential Indian outreach activist, will also
be coming for and participating in the meet - a rare treat for us. I
spoke to Arjuna Rao Chawala and he has promised to confirm attendance
by an Indian Chapter representative soon.

We have a number of people visiting us from abroad. Frank Schulenburg,
Head of Public Outreach and Annie Lin, who leads the Ambassador
Program are visiting Pune for the Campus Ambassador training event on
04-05 Jun 2011. We also have P.J. Tabit coming down to India between
June 1st and August 21st to support the launch of the Wikipedia India
Education Program. PJ is a Campus Ambassador in the US and is on the
Ambassador Steering Committee for Wikipedia. We, the Pune community,
welcome Frank, Annie & PJ to Pune and hope they have a wonderful stay.
We also welcome any members of the Wikimedian community in India from
outside Pune who are going to be with us for this event. Do let us
know if we can help you in any way.
Broadly speaking, the campus ambassadors will be trained on 4th and
5th Jun by the outreach team comprising lndian and foreign
Wikipedians. In the evening on Saturday, the campus ambassadors and
the outreach team will be present for our meetup. After the meetup,
the Outreach Team has invited the Pune Wikipedia community for  a
SOCIAL EVENING WITH DINNER. Venue for social evening will be indicated
at the meetup.
Coming to another issue, the Campus Ambassadors themselves.
The first batch of Campus Ambassadors has been selected. To those
selected, we say - heartiest congratulations, you will shortly be
learning to edit and to evangelise Wikipedia. It is a most challenging
task and we assure you of the community's support. We invite you to be
part of our community and we promise to help you, guide you and
partner you in this extraordinary journey you will undertake.
We also know that some other aspirants have not been selected this
time round. In most cases, this is due to their lack of Wikipedia
skills. To all of them we say - there will be another round of
selection coming up in a few months, so have a great heart and wait.
The fact that all of you stood tall and came forth means you already
belong to the select batch of people who are doers and achievers. We,
the Pune community, invite you to join us for this meetup and become
part of us. We will help you get the skills to make you ready for the
next round of selections.
Many of you all who are interested in becoming Wikipedians are
requested to join all of the above :

   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mr-wiki/ (Marathi Wikipedia Group)
(Mailing list for Wikimedians in Pune, India)
(Mailing list for Wikimedians in Pune, India)

Also please join the following groups on Facebook

Wikimedia India

IMPORTANT: All those attending the meetup from Pune (excepting those
selected for the Campus Ambassador program or those organising the
event or visiting from outside Pune) need to confirm attendance so
that we can plan accordingly. Send your confirmation to :
ashwin.baindur at gmail.com   with subject : "Attending Pune meetup".
Those not attending need not respond.
So till then, Au revoir & Namaste, Khuda Hafez and Sat Sri Akal,
Jai Hind

Ashwin Baindur

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