[PLUG] Discussion session on benefits to students contributing to Free Software at VIT, Sunday 3rd July 10 am

Parag Shah adaptives at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 23:23:42 PDT 2011

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 1:50 PM, Praveen A <pravi.a at gmail.com> wrote:

> "Why should I contribute to Free Software?"
> There is one obvious benefit if one believes in Free Software as an
> idea or they are Free Software users. We will discuss some other
> benefits which may not be obvious. Some of the points to highlight
> are,
>   - Working with best programmers in the world is an experience you
> won't get in a classroom or college lab.
>   - Working on code that is used by thousands of people every day is
> a unique opportunity to test the ideas we learn as part of our
> courses.
>   - Anyone can look at your code and evaluate you better. Gives you a
> better chance than may be a certificate or a good mark list that every
> one of you already have.
>   - Code accepted into these projects are a testimony about the
> quality of your code, because there are strict quality control and lot
> of peer reviews before any code is accepted into these projects.
>   - Ability to learn and play with latest and evolving technologies.
>   - There is no compulsion, you chose what you like and you do it at
> your pace and interest.
>   - We can help you find mentors in areas you want to focus. Some of
> us would be happy to help you get going with diaspora. We will start
> with a Ruby on Rails workshop so that all you have to have is an
> interest to contribute.
> What is in there for us who are out to help you? We believe in Free
> Software and we want to make it better. We are always looking to
> expand our community.
> Comments and additions welcome, the aim is to give a brief idea of
> benefits to students contributing to Free Software, motivate them to
> attend Ruby on Rails workshop (on 9th July) and get more contributors
> to diaspora (may be for other Free Software projects too if there is
> an interest).
>    Date: 3rd July 2011
>    Location: VIT Bibwewadi (near Katraj), Computer Science
> Department, Room no 1301.
>    Time: 10 am.
> If you would like to attend it, sign up at
> https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/wiki/Pune-diaspora-meetup-2
> If you are already a contributor to any Free Software project, we
> would love to have you come and talk about your project and
> experience, you might get some new contributors too.
> Diaspune community has its discussion group at
> http://diaspune.onlinegroups.net/groups/dias_pune You can join in and
> share your ideas.
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Hi Praveen,

I have an online learning community where I try to help students learn
computer science topics within a supportive online community, and in the
process also document their learning by creating open source projects and
blogging their reflections.

If there is time for me to talk, I would love to talk about how students can
also leverage new media along with contributing to open source software to
document their understanding of a topic and to establish reputation in their
community of practice.

BTW, you mention that the session begins at 10:00 AM. How long is it
expected to last?

Thanks & Regards
Parag Shah

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