[PLUG] vim: How to stop it from indenting automatically

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sat Oct 1 07:52:36 PDT 2011

Have been a long time vim user though quite annoyed with a certain new vim
installation acting too smart as I type a program in any language whose
syntax highlighting is enabled.

E.g. if I type "if" in bash script, it automatically indents 2 tabs on
next line.

Firstly my preference is to use 1 tab and not 2.

Secondly I am used to entering tab by hand myself and don't feel it's
worth unlearning that.

Any way to override this behavior i.e. either switch it off completely or
at least reduce it to 1 tab.

Disabling syntax highlighting is a way, but I like highlighting. Just want
to switch off indentation.

It is not the "autoindent" setting. set noai doesn't solve it.


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