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Hello Drupalers,

Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal <http://www.drupal.org/> and the CTO
of Acquia <http://www.acquia.com/> is visiting India during the week of 07
Nov. He will be visiting Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, to engage with the
developer and business community, to further the adoption of Drupal open
source "content management system" (CMS) in our country.

He will be in Delhi on 7th and 8th November. There is a proposal that from
11AM to 1PM on 07 November 2011, he deliver a Keynote address to the Indian
developer community on the lines of http://bcove.me/hk55ca4q which he
delivered at Drupalcon London from 22 - 26 Aug 2011.

There can be presentations and coding sprints after that. People who are
interested in giving presentations are requested to respond with their
presentation topics. We need to make this event a success and who knows a
DrupalCon maybe organized in India in the near future :)

We need volunteers to help organize this event and spread some Drupal love.

The most immediate requirement is the finalization of the venue. It would be
ideal if the venue can be booked by mid next week. Two suggested venues are
IIT Delhi and JNU campuses. Here are the requirements for the venue:

  -  An auditorium with 300+ seating capacity.
  - 3-4 rooms for presentations with a seating capacity of 50 people each.
  - WIFI internet connectivity.

Similar event can also be organized in Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Kindly reply on this thread or contact me at ishanmahajan87 at gmail.com.

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