[PLUG] Will Aakash run Linux

prasanna balan prazzb at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 07:31:10 PDT 2011

On 8 Oct 2011 11:59, "Mayuresh" <mayuresh at acm.org> wrote:
> It's perhaps too early to ask this question for Aakash in particular as
> the specs may not be widely known yet.
> More general question could be: can a device that runs Android, run Linux
> as well. (Or with kind of effort it can be made to run.)

For sure..it can very well be made to run linux..an embedded distro would be

> Rationale behind asking this is, if someone has made a device that runs
> android, the device drivers already exist that can interact with Linux
> like kernel. Only question remains whether they are open enough or not.

The drivers are open...the point is getting the config file of the kernel
which is at /proc/config.gz on android...try it with adb if u have an
android phone
The kernel thus can be built...

> For those who consider Android as a Linux variant owing to its roots, this
> is a non question.  I, for one, do not consider it so. The environment is
> pretty different on Android.

The major reason for it is that andeoid is BSD... Companies thus start wierd
stuff for business... Nd trying a linux dual boot is fairly unrisky but
rooting a cell phone is not what people are ready to try..there is an
emerging android community..xda-developers etc... But they'll take time
reaching common people

> Now which Linux would one expect to run on such a device: A few I know are
> Maemo (little chance of it running on anything other than N900 and alikes
> from Nokia), MeeGo (or whatever its new avatar), openmoko etc. (Please add
> more Linux based distros that can run on PDAs/tablets to this thread.)

Lots of embedded distros... Buildroot, open embedded etc etc can be
built...the embedded community is however not as huge and so any problems
will take time

> (Their respective sites list the devices they support. However, what's the
> difficulty level of adding new ones there given the commonality that they
> all already run Android.)
> BTW, this article says there are tablets already around that are cheaper
> than Aakash
> I haven't checked the specs of these.
Building android tablets is more of a business now a days and thus you will
see cheap ones too...

> Mayuresh.


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