[PLUG] Regarding GCC/GDB training at VIT,pune

karim memon abdulkarimmemon at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 23:28:40 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I am AbdulKarim Memon. from VIT, Pune. We are intereseted in conducting a
training on GCC/GDB for the students and few faculties at our college.

VIT, pune has recently migrated to FOSS. 4 labs have been currently freed
from Windows and the lab courses like DSA/OOP/Python/OS/SP etc have
been shifted to Linux. The aim of this training session would be to get the
students and faculties started with GCC/GDB.

Our requirements are:

For training of students and faculty members:
Total batch strength: approx 20 (since our labs can accomodate max 22)
Hands-on required on: GCC/GDB (specially GDB)
Duration available: as suitable to you (the speaker)
Probable time : ASAP

Please let us know the charges with detailed breakup,  and other details for
requirements stated above.

AbdulKarim Memon
Department of Computer Engineering,
VishwaKarma Institute of Technology, Pune.

-AbdulKarim Memon (FOSS user/Promoter)

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