[PLUG] Microsoft Bans Linux On ARM PCs

Swapnil Bhartiya swapnil.bhartiya at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 09:09:07 PST 2012


When I talked to Linus Torvalds he said that Secure Boot is a good 
thing, but can be used in a bad ways. That's proving to be true.

When Microsoft published The Certification Requirements for Windows 8 it 
was evident that the company wanted to use the secure boot to lock Linux 
out of such hardware, thus creating a Windows only hardware. The 
discovery lead to a strong protest from the FLOSS community. Microsoft 
allowed the non-ARM hardware to be able to run Linux if the hardware 
vendors chooses to allow that. But as we saw the arrival of ARM on 
desktop Microsoft "wasted no time in revising its Windows Hardware 
Certification Requirements to effectively ban most alternative operating 
systems on ARM-based devices that ship with Windows 8."


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