[PLUG] Permission deny-ed

म.हा.सा.ग.र o.s.h.o at guruvision.com
Sat Apr 6 19:10:38 PDT 2013

> On Saturday 06 Apr 2013 8:53:14 PM Shirish Padalkar wrote:

> Hey hi,

> I am not sure why you are saying something like that on mailing list, but I 
don't think that was necessary. If you don't mind and don't have anything 
useful to contribute to the conversation, can you please stop spamming the 
> Thanks.

What I wrote was definitely not a spam, but what you are doing is definitely 
called (harvesting email addresses with an intent to) spam :-)

What I have written was (perceived) essence of what philosophy could be 

Of-course none of it could be interesting to and become known to you if you do 
not attend the PLUG meeting... 

Did I attend the PLUG meeting of April 6, 2013?  

That question is better answered by people who attended the plug meeting..

शिका आणि लठ्ठ व्हा...!!!
6.  2 Teach is 2 Err,
7.  2 Err is Human, Forgive Divine...!
8   विद्या धनं एव धनं प्रधानम्

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