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Mon Aug 12 12:42:35 PDT 2013

I have not tried things suggested, but they should work.

It would be useful to know the answers for following question:
What is the input and output ratings (voltage, current) of power adapter
of the wifi routers?

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On 04/08/13 3:05 PM, Mayuresh wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 04, 2013 at 12:23:42PM +0530, ????? wrote:
>> What is compact according to you? 1cm x 1 cm x 1cm or 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm.
> Well, I don't mind these dimensions...
> I am struggling to find a product in the this class in the first place.
> It's a question of making do with what is available than looking for
> certain specifications.

Battery dimensions (http://www.whitedogbatteries.com/batspecs.htm)
For 3 A/hr
11.4 cm x 7.1 cm x 8.6 cm

You may also think of using the battery from your UPS directly (without
converting it to AC).
It could be more efficient.

Voltage regulators:


>> Can you share the details of the battery powered router which you are
>> using? By performance,
>> what do you mean? Speed is not as expected? Connectivity keeps dropping?
>> etc.
> I wrote a separate thread in PLUG on my experiences with Lava W150 as
> against my older Linksys WRT54GL. Difficult to summarize though following
> are some of the points:
> All problems are on intranet with 3G modem and ISP not in picture at all
> - Packet loss up to 30%
> - Arbitrarily refusing to connect (ping/ssh/whatever) with another device.
>   With nothing specifically done, letting connect after some time.
> - Limited range. (Sorry, I'm not going to measure and tell.)
> - I worked around these by using WRT54GL as a repeater bridge of W150

You can use the router which you prefer; using battery+dc voltage
regulator as per the
specifications of router.

>> Seems like you are look for
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC-to-DC_converter
> Not at all. I think I clarified in a couple of posts before. I am looking
> for a battery backed up DC supply (sort of UPS minus inverter) and if that
> is not available a miniature UPS (1mm x 1mm x 1mm most welcome!).
Interesting read regarding battery capacities:


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