[PLUG] Mailing list issues

Darth Chatri darth.chatri at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 07:08:17 PST 2013

On 31 December 2012 23:08, Sudhanwa Jogalekar <sudhanwa.com at gmail.com> wrote:
> This was another time for
> spams and many mails usually floated like invites from social
> networks, Chinese vendors offering goods, lottery winnings etc etc.
> Due to this, more and more filters got added to the list.

The list blocks any un-registered users from sending mail. All new
members can be put on moderation for the first X posts, whatever X is.
All decent spam filters do a reverse DNS lookup of the SMTP server.
Shouldn't these three filters and moderation rules together be
sufficient to stop spam?

This mailing list has 'bugs'. Subscribers don't want an explanation of
why the bugs exist. They want the bugs fixed. Getting notifications of
events after the event has occurred or a few hours before the event is
not acceptable. Fixing this is higher priority than preventing
occasional lottery notifications.


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