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> Is it possible to read more about this project?
Below given details are related to this project that I have got from some
of my sources:

As a result of a Hon. High Court order in PIL/93/2009, PMC is conducting a
Pilot   project of Tech Supported community based Tree Census, which will
create a database and Web GIS system that, can be used for citizen
interface and Tree felling regulation as also for ecological monitoring.We
have created a discussion forum for this pilot project.

Link http://janwani.org/site/janvrukshatantra/?forum=jan-vruksha-tantra

Project consists of pilot which involves using latest software technologies
in FOSS and including android applications on handhelds.
While we have started working with available resources we expect computer
science students to improve process greatly. As such students will be
expected to dirty their hands with real life situation and fashion the
software tools on available hardware to come up with best affordable and
replicable solutions.

     Tasks may involve:
             Installing and Populating the following software
                  Open tree map
             Improve an android application available integrately from
filling with GPS and
             camera (e.g. Geopapparazi)
             Modifying Google fusion tables to show photographs in info
window. (HTML
             Descritizing a CAD drawing into GIS compatible mosaic polygons.
                e. Creating an online application for digitizing.


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