[PLUG] Online storage options?

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sun Nov 17 07:21:44 PST 2013

Looking for online storage options with following perspective:

- Main purpose - backup.

- For use with Linux / NetBSD, preferably NFS mountable, less preferably
  sshfs mountable or at least rsync-able.

- Sharing contents with others over internet is NOT my requirement

- Connectivity with mobile devices (or platforms like Android) is NOT a

- Plain simple storage service. No bells and whistles like webui, drag and
  drop and all that is necessary.

(For above 3 points, if they just come with a service, I won't reject the
service for that. Just that I don't need them.)

- Reliable uptime. Will be synced at least daily.

- (Storage level) encryption necessary: May have sensitive contents.

- Free/paid, both ok. I'll assess price suitability separately.

- I haven't arrived at exact space requirements. Roughly it might begin
  with say 10 GB and may grow in future.

- Preferably some time trusted service or a brand that can be trusted for
  A. data security and B. will last long.

Hope this is not too much to ask for and such services are available.

Solicit suggestions.


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