[PLUG] [X-Post] Open Mobile Workshop - invitation for speakers

Anoop John anoopjohn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 22:39:48 PST 2014


An open mobile workshop targeted at developers and students to
introduce them to open mobile platforms is planned to be held in
Trivandrum, Kerala in March.

I am interested in seeing if we can get some speakers to conduct
sessions on totally Free (Libre) mobile platforms (unencumbered by any
kind of restrictions and fully Free Software licensed) like Replicant,
or Firefox OS or any other similar platform.

If you know of developers who could take workshops on such fully open
platforms please pass on contact information to me and I can reach out
to these people. Please do note that I am not categorizing Android as
a fully open platform here (For example see -

There are going to be Android workshops as part of this event and it
would be good if we can get some speakers to represent and introduce
fully open platforms.

Thanks in advance for your help in this regard.


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