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> * Amit Karpe <amitkarpe at gmail.com> [100816 17:49]:
> > I suggest you to prefer Dell Mini 10, which will cost you 15K to 18K.
> > Works well with Ubuntu Linux.
> Thanks all for the mails. I finally got Dell Mini 10v about 10-12 days
> back. It came with Ubuntu 8.04 and I got Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Release
> working on it. I have documented it at,
> http://www.shantanukulkarni.org/snippets.html
> Thanks,
> Shantanu
> www.shantanukulkarni.org
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I would like to raise one point here: Most of vendors are pushing Win7. If
you want anything else you need to ask specifically. And more is the chance
that your favorite model won't be OS free. I recently got an ACER E-Machine
e-727. And I had to make the retailer understand that I wanted only that
particular model, nothing else. My laptop had Moblin on it but I didn't even
see how it looked. Just popped in Lucid and formatted the HDD. But if you go
looking for a mainstream model, there're very few with freeDOS. And almost
none with Linux. Now could a new user have a fully configured Linux Laptop
with a mainstream Distribution? Perhaps I'm dreaming a dream 10 years early.

Vaibhav Dalvi

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