[PLUG] Cairo cross compile

Abhijit Bhopatkar bain at devslashzero.com
Mon Sep 13 10:02:02 IST 2010

On Monday 13 September 2010 01:00 AM, Manas Alekar wrote:
> Looks like the configure scripts are not picking up the freetype you
> compiled. Most likely because you installed them into some "root" filesystem
> which you did not specify in configure for GTK+.
> Manas using
Wow a top post from Alekarnahca Manas?? Has the hell frozen over?

Anyway the reply is right, configure will never find the /opt/junklabs 
style paths automatically, so you either need to copy installations to 
your toolchain's paths (i no longer remember how i did that), or tell 
./configure explicitly to find these libs at your custom locations.

You can try --with-<library>=<path> style options for configure.
configure --help might give you further details.


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