[PLUG] [OT] Config for an HTPC

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Wed Sep 22 11:40:18 IST 2010

I am looking for either a branded machine or available hardware to
assemble and achieve the following configuration. Would appreciate any

The purpose is to use it as an HTPC (Home Theatre PC - just a term used to
describe such devices).

H/w Interfaces:
  Composite video in (For TV/webcam/camera etc)
  RCA audio/video out (For playing contents on TV)
  Audio in/out/mic
  Wifi (802.11g)
  VGA out, keyboard, mouse, USB ports
  Serial port where I can connect IR Blaster that I have
  (Or infrared in/out ports, but infra out should have extensible cable to
align it properly with devices it has to control)

  Internal: Minimal ok
  External: Should be interfacable with large external HDDs


 Preferably such that one can get readily available packages easily. (i686

Form factor:
 As "small" as possible. (Not sure what's feasible smallest for this config.)

Actually, I have achieved almost the same configuration by adding ad hoc
cards to a regular PC. (Nvidia with video out, a wifi card, a TV card for
video in, IR Blaster on serial port etc.). However the machine has become
very bulky with all this. It heats up a lot too. Some machine specifically
designed for such purpose should perform better.


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