[PLUG] [OT] Getting wireless data plan w/o having to buy modem

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sat Sep 25 18:44:53 IST 2010

There are a no of carriers offering mobile internet right now.

Most data plans seem to require buying their modem aka data card.

However, I wonder, if you have a handset compatible with the technology
their data network uses, why should they be forcing buying a modem.

In particular, if you have a 3G enabled phone which you are willing to use
to access their data plans why should they insist on buying their modem?

I tried this argument with Idea cellular and they are ok if you don't buy
their modem. Just that although they have rolled out 3G data plans, their
service is yet to start. (Currently you'd get just EDGE speeds.)

So I tried the same argument with BSNL. Tried explaining at different CSC
offices. They are just not ready to give their data plan unless I buy
their modem, too. I'm very sure technically there should be no problem
with this and perhaps BSNL doesn't want to put such restriction - though
may be people at various CSCs aren't aware of it.

Has anyone managed to get BSNL 3G data plan without buying their modem or
knows anything about any technical or commercial feasibility/in-feasibility
of the same? If yes, could you share some details or any particular BSNL
office or officer I could contact with this query? (Have already tried a
few offices.)


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