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I received some common questions regarding RajasFoss and took the
opportunity to tell my junior fellows what is rajasfoss about.
Here is what I posted to them, post may be useful to our newcomers in
mailing lists or using our content.

*Q*. "Everyone wants to know about what will be taught or told in rajasfoss?
is it about describing ones project at foss?
thanks in advance."

I am highlighting these things first because this is what, that should be
concluded after reading this mail and of course I would love to see this
mail forwarded to curious individuals who care about such things.

[ 1 ] First of all I would say you are very lucky as you are going to be a
witness of information collaborative environment at RajasFoss
[ 2 ] I introduce you to the word 'talk' : It means an individual would tell
about his expertise, tools he use, about latest technologies and in talk you
just have to sit in your seat and listen to one. No wonder if you can get
all he/she is saying, but you will let yourself free in amazing world of
[ 3 ] In couple of days, talk topics and speaker lists will be there on our
site (http://rajasfoss.lugb.in). There are enormous things and topics that
can be talked in college and among curious minds, so just find out what you
are curious at. So how are you going to do that : simple observe the talk
list and speakers, go and search about topics and technologies they are
going to talk about. If some of them will intrigues you then do some home
work for that, spend some time about exploring it.
[ 4 ] Fortunately the way we study, resources that we have are enormous but
unfortunately proxies to them are not that efficient or cloaked. It is same
as having a 4 mbps of internet connection in your hand but in the middle it
is the proxy server that limits you and indirectly decides your surfing
behaviour and in this context proxies are our books and lecturers and the
way some other things are. They are going to remain as they are. No matter,
here is some change, we let you know about learning resources, open methods,
open standard and ways where you can flourish your curiosity and find out
similar interest partners.
[ 5 ] In short you should not miss it.

If you are done with these five points and are at the bottom of my view,
what I want to tell you then you should stop reading here. Further I write
some naive explanation :
When we grew up nobody knows what we are interested in and further if we get
the thing in which we are interested, how we are going to get it, nobody
knows. So simply our guardians, our schools and colleges provides us a
broadcasting system. Signals of knowledge are delivered to us and we are a
kind of receivers. But .. alas the frequencies and such receivers are not in
our control, how good it would be if we can set the frequency to the channel
you wanted to listen ever.
And this is not the limit,  if you don't like the way how frequency is
delivered to the system and you have some reason for that as because you got
a better way to do that. You might come up with a whole set of new
protocols. But to do that you should have an open standard in your hand.
For your amusement here I unveil the secret of making easy and obvious
things 'hard' : Just make them close, just hide them under the mist how they
works. Is there any mystery resides there in making a cup of tea , obviously
No .. because the recipe is open and you can add your own kind of garam
masala practicals to that.
So, I am just trying to let you understand the open source / foss
philosophy. It is exact what I used with a tea metaphor . It is the tea
which you can fork up and come with your own idea of a new flavour.
But how will you get to know how many flavours are already there... I mean
how many teas/flavours are there how they were made and what are more
potentials. An obvious thing will be to use internet and read up things,
that's good but how amazing it would be if we gather somewhere where some
persons from the same philosophy come up at stage and tell you about some
mesmerizing ideas and clues that you can trace with your own minds.
And that's what we call an open change in our mindsets and RajasFOSS is all
about it. In very crude way this is an attempt about spreading some words
that would force you to rethink about your own possibilities.

Go ahead and join , and by reading this reply you have already relished the
flavour of sharing thoughts.

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