[PLUG] FOSS Activity and Non-Technical People

Vinayak Kulkarni kulkarnivd2007 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Sep 30 18:02:20 IST 2010

Hi Mayuresh

>>Freedom to view source and change software is one thing that is often
>>stated as important differentiator. While that is great for technical
>>people, it is nearly immaterial for non technical ones.

>>It's time we try and state some real differentiators that matter to
>>people. Cost may be one of them but we need more substantial ones.

That is what the point I wanted to raise, 
We really need to think about non-technical people.

I want to discuss two of the incidents which I faced while working as FOSS volunteer.

Some days ago,
I talked to our college canteen contractor who is willing to put computer on his desk.
as I know him personally, I ask him to have Linux over it and get a Free and Open Source Software from internet, or I will help him to design that.
Despite of telling all the advantages of Linux and FOSS software (.. so called Freedom)(..I know I am rude here) to him, he refused and said that he will go with XP+Hotel mgmt software which he has seen in his mate's canteen.

Also while conducting workshops for Linux in our college, we faced the same problem there too.
Mechanical people ask us whether their favorite software AutoCAD works in Linux or not.
I told them regarding other Free and Open Source Alternative to AutoCAD, but they were not interested to listen that.
There comes the 'Limitation' (.. what I was talking about in the last post).

Vinayak D Kulkarni

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