[PLUG] Confirmation: PLUG meeting for June 2009 is scheduled on Saturday 6th June 2009, 4 pm @ SICSR

Sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 04:01:41 PDT 2009


PLUG meeting for  June 2009 is scheduled on Saturday 6th June 2009, 4pm @ SICSR

These are the details:
Location: SICSR, Atur Centre, Model Colony.
Room No 704. 7th floor ( room no. may change )
Time: 4 pm


We will have some talks and discussions.

Technical Talk at PLUG Meeting.

# Title: XUL, OpenLayers and Solving A Real Life Problem.

# Speakers:
Kevin Gomes, BE (IT)
Vijay Patil, BE (Mech), MTech (IEOR)

Software developers working on challenging technical problems,
interesting technology and free software, for last 5 years. Currently
working at Indictranstech Technologies, Pune.

# Technical Talk Description:
This talk is about a real life technical problem and a software solution
"On Time" built using free software components, to solve the problem. On Time
is a tool for managing, planning public transportation schedule and publishing
timetable for passengers.

Part 1: Schedule Planning, Management and Publishing : Problem definition
5 Mins,
+ Schedule data distributed. Central place needed.
+ Ad hoc data. Relational database needed.
+ Unique ids for bus stops. Longitude, latitude.
+ Marathi Content.

Part 2: XUL
10 Mins,
+ Introduction to XUL. How and why are we using it.
+ Localization in XUL.
+ Controlling appearance in XUL.
+ Marathi Input: JavaScript library for transliteration.

Part 3: Map and Satellite Picture.
15 Mins,
+ Introduction to Openlayers JavaScript Library. How and why we are using it.
+ Adding placemarks.
+ Adding polygons.
+ Adding polylines.
+ Relevance of Open Street Map project.

Part 4: Unsolved/Tough Problems
10 Mins,
+ Transport: Finding actual trip time.
+ Tripfinder/Routefinder
+ GUI: Datepicker Bug in XUL for GNU/Linux.
+ GUI: Automatic updates using Internet.
+ Map: Drawing actual shape of the road.
+ Map: Printing high quality maps.

Discussions on potentially holding official druapl code and
documentation sprint in Pune.

And if time permits :

Presentation bye Vivek Khurana  on a python based application platform
that allows you to build application by reusing existing application

We have a Marathi L10N meet after the PLUG meeting. You are all
invited to attend that meeting also. Confirmation of that meeting is
already sent.

You can book CD/DVDs and  collect them after the meeting. Apart from
the older distros, the new ones like Centos 5.3, Ubuntu 9.04, Mandriva
2009 Spring are available with us now.

We have a few DRUPALCAMP  T shirts available (on first come first
served basis) for Rs. 200/- each.  You can collect them at the

We will be accepting formal membership at the meeting. CD/DVDs will be
made available at the meeting. You can send your bookings to me and/or

Kindly make yourself available for the meeting.

Have you tried the new "FREE" Devanagari (Marathi) font  family
"Aksharyogini" we have released?
Please get it from http://aksharyogini.sudhanwa.com

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