[PLUG] local debian mirror

G Karunakar indlinux at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 23:53:46 PDT 2010

 I am looking to make a local debian mirror, for Debian testing
(Sqeeze) - main repo is already frozen.
Does anyone maintain local mirror in their college/office which I could copy?

 Since repo is quite big - about 50GB for i386, amd64 binaries,
downloading over regular broadband is not feasible. Even downloading
it over local network which has the mirror, could take few hours
My other option is to copy it from IITB who are hosting a mirror -
find someone there who can copy it if given a USB disk, or get onto
their network with laptop+disk and download it (using

Let me know if anyone has a mirror, or someone in IITB who could help.


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