[PLUG] Mozilla Carnival Pune - 15 September 2012

Manjusha Joshi manjusha.joshi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 07:53:07 PDT 2012

Here is  the mail about Mozilla Carnival :
 from Sayak Sarkar<sayak.bugsmith at gmail.com>
 I have included the invitation mail for Mozilla Carnival, Pune below.
It would be great if you could forward the contents of the mail below
to the PLUG mailing list.


Hey all,

We will be celebrating the success of Mozilla Summer Code Party event(s) in
the country along with the Software Freedom Day on 15th of September 2012
at SICSR, Pune.The event is named 'Mozilla Carnival'


The Mozilla carnival starts at 9.00 AM, the topics include:
-- Mozilla Summer Code Party
-- Software Freedom Day
-- Mozilla projects and Initiatives
-- Hands-on session focused on WebMaking and Localization
-- WoMoz (Women in Open source/ IT)
-- Quiz
-- BOF sessions.
Please visit the website [1] for more details about the event and

Come join us! Lets *Meet, Make & Learn *something* *amazing with the web.


[1] http://mozillaindia.org/node/664

Vineel Reddy Pindi
Mozilla Reps <https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo> Council Member
twitter: @vineelreddy <http://twitter.com/vineelreddy/>

About Me:http://about.me/sayak_sarkar
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sayak_sarkar
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Manjusha S. Joshi

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