[PLUG] Mailing list issues

Arun Khan knura9 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 21:56:32 PST 2013

On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 7:26 PM, Arun Khan  wrote:

> rules - top posting, trimming quotes) goes into the moderator Q

s/top/bottom/  mea culpa.

> I have requested a friend who manages another LUG ML (mailman backend)
> to share his settings.  I will post them in a separate message once I
> receive them.

FWIW, copied below are the mailman settings an ILUG mailing list.
That list has a lot more daily traffic than PLUG.

<mailman settings from another ILUG mailing list>

>> 1.  Mailman spam filter settings.


\nSubject: .*Digest*
\nSubject: .*(no subject)
\nSubject: .*LinkedIn
\nSubject: .*Boxbe
\nSubject: .*Visit my Netlog profile
\nSubject: .*orkut
\nSubject: .*Plaxo address*
\nSubject: .Personal invitation from*
\nSubject: .*invited you to Dropbox
\nSubject: .*Rediff MyPage
\nSubject: .*Updating my calendar
\nSubject: .*Birthday Calendar
\nSubject: .*shortlisted for a reward
\nSubject: .*friend request on Tagged
\nSubject: .*Shtyle.fm
\nSubject: (no subject)
\nSubject: .*wants to follow you


from: .*@boxbe.com
from: .*@faniq.com
from: .*@brijj.com
from: .*@mx.plaxo.com
from: .*@dropboxmail.com
from: .*@rediffnotifications.com
from: .*@shtyle.fm
from: .*@infoaxe.net

Mail Content Limit: 10KB

>> 2. The avg. number of spam email (per week) that ends up in your
>> moderator queue.  Compare this to "good" messages (per week) that get
>> posted on the list.
>> 3. The avg. time between posting to the list and it's appearance in
>> the mailing list.

Mailman is bit old. AFAIK, there is no analysis. Let me check it.

>> 4. How many moderators are there and how much time they spend (avg. /
>> week) sorting/cleaning out the message queue.

Not maintaining moderator Q. By default delete. For other tasks, may be 1Hr max.

Many MM settings are set to strict values, to reduce the unnecessary
maintenance task.

</mailman settings from another ILUG mailing list>

-- Arun Khan

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