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Tue Sep 14 19:25:10 IST 2010

--- On Tue, 9/14/10, Giriprasad Deviprasad <g_pr21 at yahoo.in> wrote:
>From: Giriprasad Deviprasad <g_pr21 at yahoo.in>
>Subject: Re: [PLUG] Cairo cross compile
>Since I am using --prefix as in :
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/asdlab/cairo/
>All the libraries are in /opt/asdlab/dir1  then dir2 etc.
>PKG_CONFIG_PATH has been exported as :
>export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/asdlab/freetype/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/asdlabfontconfig/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/asdlab/pixman/lib/pkgconfig/:/opt/asdlab/glib/lib/pkgconfig
>The .pc are as mentioned in the above $PKG_CONFIG_PATH, since no such >thing as in /opt/lib exits even.
>The final fews lines of configure as :
>checking for cairo's PNG backend... 
>checking for png... yes
>checking whether cairo's PNG backend could be enabled... yes
>configure: creating src/cairo-png.pc
>checking for cairo's FreeType font backend... 
>checking for FONTCONFIG... yes
>checking for FcFini... no
>checking whether cairo's FreeType font backend could be enabled...
> no (requires fontconfig)
>configure: error: requested FreeType font backend could not be enabled

Hoping you have a good reason for doing this as this is not the intended use of '--prefix' and pkg-config. If you're wanting to create packages, then this is not how it's done. 

About the "FcFini" error, please check config.log file for the package in question. In that file search for pattern "FcFini", you should find the associated conftest program used to test for 'FcFini' support. This program and the gcc line used to compile it will indicate what is wrong. 

Hope that helps.


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