[PLUG] Cairo cross compile

Giriprasad Deviprasad g_pr21 at yahoo.in
Tue Sep 14 19:23:44 IST 2010

Hi All,

 I configured cairo successfully, but when I do make, it gives the foll errors :

cairo-scaled-font-subsets.c: In function '_cairo_scaled_font_subset_create_glyph_names':

cairo-scaled-font-subsets.c:1015: error: implicit declaration of function '_cairo_utf8_to_utf16'

cairo-scaled-font-subsets.c:1015: warning: nested extern declaration of '_cairo_utf8_to_utf16'

make[3]: *** [cairo-scaled-font-subsets.lo] Error 1

make[3]: Leaving directory `/root/playhome/cairo-1.8.10/src'

 Any ideas why?

Thanks & Regards,

D.Giri Prasad

cairo, freetype and fontconfig make use of pkg-config to get and provide compiler flags/paths. Make sure that pkg-config is finding all the dependencies correctly by setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable, containing paths to these .pc files. 

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/lib/pkgconfig

Also, when you run configure with a '--prefix=/opt' it will automatically find the respective .pc files(freetype2.pc/fontconfig.pc/etc) in '/opt/lib/pkgconfig'

You can inspect the config.log of the package you're trying to build, this file contains the configure script's log. 


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