[PLUG] FOSS Activity and Non-Technical People

Vinayak Kulkarni kulkarnivd2007 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Sep 30 09:05:20 IST 2010

Hi All

According to Richard Stallman (.. whom I personally respect), 'User should experience a freedom to use the software'.
But I think that the freedom they wanted was quiet right at their era, because computers were used by mostly technical people.
So that category of people required free and open source software.

But in today s world even common public is also using the computer I mean Non-Technical personals also using the computers for their general work.
And more importantly, Thing about software that it is Free or Paid does not matter to them
(.. mostly all of them use pirated copies of the software).
They are more comfortable with that.

The case which I have described above, may not be applicable to large or middle scale industries, but personals which work at low level, like Doctors, Departmental Stores, Medical Stores.

So there seems to be limitation over spreading of FOSS software. 
I think there is need to update the objectives of FOSS.
But while praising for FOSS , we should consider these aspects also.

The condition I described above, does not mean that I am against FOSS. But I think, I have expressed whatever I wanted.

Vinayak D. Kulkarni

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