[PLUG] FOSS Activity and Non-Technical People

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 09:49:39 IST 2010


> According to Richard Stallman (.. whom I personally respect), 'User should experience a freedom to use the software'.
> But I think that the freedom they wanted was quiet right at their era, because computers were used by mostly technical people.
> So that category of people required free and open source software.

So Freedom is less important to non-technical users ? I think not.
By this analogy, people should not care about about their freedom
anymore - our grandfathers and grandmothers are the "category" of
people in whose era freedom was important ...

> But in today s world even common public is also using the computer I mean Non-Technical personals also using the computers for their general work.
> And more importantly, Thing about software that it is Free or Paid does not matter to them
> (.. mostly all of them use pirated copies of the software).
> They are more comfortable with that.
> The case which I have described above, may not be applicable to large or middle scale industries, but personals which work at low level, like Doctors, Departmental Stores, Medical Stores.
> So there seems to be limitation over spreading of FOSS software.
> I think there is need to update the objectives of FOSS.
> But while praising for FOSS , we should consider these aspects also.

I don't get the point... What should be the objectives of FOSS ? How
do they change with inclusion of non-technical people? What should
change ?
Though FOSS has evolved during the years, its core principles remain the same.

> The condition I described above, does not mean that I am against FOSS. But I think, I have expressed whatever I wanted.

You are free to express your thoughts, as am I :) - Article 19 of the
constitution gives ensures your right to freedom of speech.
Welcome to the world of FOSS.


May the Source be with you.

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