We are a community of GNU/Linux users in the city of Pune, India. Boasting a very active mailing list with discussions covering a wide-range of matters from technical, installation and configuration help to software copyright ethics and holy wars. We do a lot of promotion and support activities through the formal organization of our group, the PLUG Trust.

PLUG meets physically, once every month to exchange ideas and views, sort technical difficulties and drink coffee. But, beware! You could land up in a holy war. In that case, charge on, swords drawn.

Pune GNU/Linux Users Group or PLUG is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization. registered under the Indian Societies Act, 1860.Our registration no. is MH/238/2003/Pune. We are also registered as a Public Trust having registration no. F19273.

The salient points of our Memorandum of Association are as follows

  1. Educating the society at large about Linux and GNU:
    • Funding such or similar projects having similar objects
    • Giving consultancy and solutions based on Linux/GNU
    • Distribution of awards for notable performance/achievements in the field
    • Procurement of hardware/software/books
    • Providing free of cost LINUX and GNU software
    • Spreading computer literacy through various media
  2. Negotiating, associating with external agencies -profit oriented/non-profit oriented, registered or non-registered- with the objective to provide products/services as mentioned above.
  3. Designing, customizing, procuring content of knowledge/information in various forms such as printed or electronic and distribute them as part of other services or independent to other services at a cost or otherwise.

How can we assist you ?

We can assist you in your efforts by way of following activities, which we can carry out for you

  1. Conduct seminars/lectures for your members
  2. Conduct training sessions for the members and/or students.
  3. Conduct install-fest or any such interactive activity where many people can get involved and which can generate more interest
  4. Providing suitable solution for your computerization setup in respect of setting up low cost & highly reliable equipment and networks
  5. Help you to design and implement courses for GNU/Linux related products/services.