Mailing List

The PLUG mailing list boasts of one of the most active mailings lists around, with lots of helping members, who are always ready to help you regarding your queries. The member base of PLUG mailing list is around 1000+ out of which most of the subscribers/members are form Pune, and many from nearby cities like Mumbai, Satara, Sholapur, Nasik etc. We also have members form all over India and some other countries also.

PLEASE NOTE: The PLUG mailing list is unmoderated. Mails sent to the list are the views of the poster. PLUG does not take any responsibility for any consequences arising out of such mails. PLUG should not be held responsible for any misuse of such mails.

Mailing List Etiquette
The post should be related to using, trouble-shooting, bug-fixing, programming, or propaganda of GNU/Linux Operating System. Comparison of features within distributions, or with other operating systems is allowed, but please restrain from extremes.

Commercial postings and Job Offerings clearly related to Linux are allowed, provided they have a "[COMMERCIAL]" tag in the subject line of the mail.

PLUG Mailing List participation Guidelines

Before posting to the list:

  1. Please read the documentation files such as README, INSTALL that come with the software.
  2. A brief usage for the software can be obtained by:
    command_name --help
  3. Read the manual/information pages for the software using:
    man command_name
    info command_name
  4. Check out the documents in any of the following paths:
  5. The latest documentation is always available online at:
  6. Search in the mailing list archives on the website.
  7. Search on the web ( for your problem.

If the above steps do not help you out you can proceed to posting your query on the list.

Posting to the list:

  1. Use Plain TEXT for messages. HTML mails will be rejected.
  2. Mail size should be a maximum of 5 Kilo Bytes. Mails above 5KB will be rejected.
  3. Top posting to the replies is discouraged.
  4. Write a pertinent subject title to your mail.
  5. Attach an appropriate tag such as "[COMMERCIAL]" for commercial posts, "[OT]" for off-topic posts, at the start of subject line.
  6. Do NOT reply to a received post for posting a new query.
  7. Read all your mails before replying. Someone may already have answered to the mail.
  8. File Attachments are discouraged. Please upload your file to any of the free homepage sites and send the URL to the list.
  9. When posting about an article on the web, send the URL to the article rather than pasting it in the post. Use a suitable subject line related to the article.
  10. Keep your signature file to a line or two maximum.
  11. If your office server attaches a disclaimer (or a similar message) to every mail sent, please use any other e-mail address to post to the list.
  12. Save bandwidth. Snip off parts of the mail which are not relevant to your reply.
  13. Do NOT discuss illegal activities such as cracking. The concerned subscriber(s) may be banned.
  14. Do NOT post (un)subscribe posts to the list. This mail contains the instructions for the same.
  15. Use a polite tone. Do NOT get personal.
  16. Its prudent not to respond to flame baits on the list.
  17. Avoid using short forms such as "ur" for "your". Use clear and understandable English. Acronyms such as BTW, IMHO, can be used, but sparingly.
  18. To highlight a word, enclose it in "quotes" or use *Asterisks* or _UnderScore_'s around it. Avoid CAPITALIZING the entire word.
  19. Use emoticons when being humorous. :)
  20. Please report back your success/failure in tackling the problem you posted to the list.
  21. Few keywords are used as filters to avoid junk/spam etc. Do not send mails again and again if you mails are being held. Wait for a day or two list admin, will do the needed.
  22. List member not following the guidelines/rules, will be put into moderation. The moderation period is typically one month (or less if your conduct is found satisfactory). Please remind us after a month to remove your moderation.

I have read the above and agree to follow the rule of the mailing list. Subscribing to the mailing list means that you agree to follow the list Etiquettes and guidelines. Click Here To Subscribe To The PLUG Mailing Lists