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Joining the group is very simple, just subscribe to our mailing list and you'll instantly become a part of one of the most happening communities in Pune. To actively associate with the GNU/Linux community in pune and take active participation for promoting the same,

What is a mailing list: A mailing list is a way of sharing your knowledge, queries, ideas etc. relating to certain basic concept/topic. In a mailing list one sends once post to the mail-list address. That particular is then sent to all the members/subscribers of the mailing list. People who know about that particular topic again respond/reply to the query, but rather than sending the reply directly to you, they will also reply to the mailing lists address. This not only benefits the one who had generated the query, but also others on the list facing similar situations. You will come to know more what happens on a mailing list when you join it.
PLUG Mailing List: The PLUG mailing list boasts of one of the most active mailings lists around, with lots of helping members, who are always ready to help you regarding your queries. The member base of PLUG mailing list is around 1000+ out of which most of the subscribers/members are form Pune, and many from nearby cities like Mumbai, Satara, Sholapur, Nasik etc. We also have members form all over India and some other countries also. Please note that we follow some rules and etiquettes while using the mailing list. Our Mailing List administrator send a welcome mail to you as soon as you join the list. Please go through that mail carefully, it is helpful for maintaining/managing you mailing list subscription.