Clip Art Hackathon

Date of event: 
Sunday, March 12, 2017


Come to Hackathon and contribute to the FOSS community with your creativity. The idea is simply to generate clip arts.

Why should you participate

  • This will be one of the ways to contribute to FOSS community.
  • You can learn about the graphic tools available under FOSS from other participants
  • Share your ideas with others
  • Have fun

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Who can participate: Anyone who wishes to contribute to the community.
  • There are no charges for participating in the event
  • Participants have to manage there own food and water
  • As usual please come with the following graphics tools installed -- Inkscape, Dia, Xfig, GIMP
  • There is no restriction on what format the clip art should be but preference will be for SVG
  • Please make sure you are using an FOSS operating system


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56/14, Erandavane, Damle Path,
Off Law College Road, PUNE - 411 004.


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